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Item: C3-B22
Hand painted armoire ( courtyeard scene )

Age: 180 years

Dimensions: 72H x 47W x 22D

Item: C5-C104
red hand painted cabinet w/original hardware

Age: 260 years

Dimensions: 46W x 70H x 26D

Item: C5-C61
10 drawer red dresser

age: 90 years

Dimensions: 69H x 40W x 18D
Item: C3-C1
red buddha armoire

Age: 180 years

Dimensions: 58W x 69H x 23D

Item: C5-C114
cinnabar wedding cabinet w/two top and bottom drawers

Age: 180 years

Dimensions:66H x 51W x 20D

Item: C5-C45
ladies rare dressing cabinet pair

Age: 160 years
Wood: yu'mu
Origin: shandong, China

Dimensions: 65H x 30W x 16D

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