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Item: C3-A12
ming style clothing cabinet

Age: 200 years

Dimensions: 74H x 39W x 20D

Item: C3-D11
Pair of armoires w/top trunk

Age: 300 years

Dimensions: 54W x 74H x 19D

Item: C5-C57
round dragon armoire

age: 70 years

Dimensions: 80H x 40W x 18D
Item: C2-B16
red lacquer temple cabinet

Age: 200 years

Dimensions: 39W x 80H x 23D

Item: C3-A14
ming style Armoire w/three bottom drawers

Age: 200 years

Dimensions:73H x 50W x 22D

Item: C5-C45
ming style temple cabinet w/original finish

Age: 200+ years

Dimensions: 73H x 49W x 24D

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