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Item: C3-B3
black music table

Origin: lian'zhu, china

Dimensions: 19H x 50W x 19D

Item: C2-B42
Qiao Altar Table

Age: 150 years
Origin: Shan'xi, China

Dimensions: 83W x 30H x 10D

Item: C3-D9
4 Drawer Stone Topped Painting Table

Age: 300 years
Wood: Yu'mu
Origin: Shan'xi, China

Dimensions: 34H x 70W x 19D

Item: C3-A22
Walnut 1 piece table with 3 Drawers and Carved Bottom Panel

Age: 130+ years
Wood: Walnut
Origin: Gan'su

Dimensions: 68W x 31H x 13D

Item: C4-SHS-C54
square stone topped coffee table

Wood: Elm
Origin: shandong, China

Dimensions: 20H x 28W x 28D

Item: C3-A7
3 drawer large coffee Table

Age: 100 years
Wood: yu'mu
Origin: xiamen, china

Dimensions: 20.5H x 85W x 28