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Item: C3-C4
Hutch Cabinet

Age: 180 years
Origin: Shan'xi, China
Wood: Song'mu

Dimensions: 47H x 68W x 9D

Item: C2-B79
Temple Cabinet

Age: 200+ years

Dimensions: 42W x 43H x 18D

Item: C3-A18
Ladies Monogolian Dressing Table

Age: 200 years

Dimensions: 38H x 24W x 14D

Item: C5-C23
Hand Painted Cabinet

Age: 150 years

Dimensions: 37W x 39H x 18D

Item: C5-C14
"Much Luck is Coming" Cabinet

Age: 100 years
Wood: Walnut
Origin: Gan'su, China

Dimensions: 32H x 46W x 19D