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Item: C1-A12-A55
Market Stool

Age: 80-100 years
Dimensions: 20H x 16.5W x 16.5D

Cane Top Foot Stool

Origin: Henan, China

Dimensions: 12W x 17H x 14D

Item: C2-B68
Money Stool

Dimensions: 19H x 16W x 11D

Item: C5-B81
Walnut One Drawer Stool

Age: 150 years
Origin: Shan'xi, China

Dimensions: 14W x 22H x 16D

Items: C2-DD6, C4-SHS-C173
Thick Top bar Stool

( 4 available )

Dimensions:35H x 24W x 17D