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Item: C2-C16
Scholars book Cabinet, original finish

Age: 200 years

Dimensions: 65H x 39W x 20D

Item: C2-B40
Hand Painted Scholar's Book Cabinet

Age: 200 years

Dimensions: 63W x 31H x 20D

Item: C5-C14
"Much Luck is Coming" Cabinet

Age: 100 years
Wood: Walnut
Origin: Gan'su, China

Dimensions: 32H x 46W x 19D

Item: C5-C33
Wine Cabinet with Flower and Vase Paintings

Age: 120 years

Dimensions: 44H x 61W x 18D

Item: C4-SHS-C26
Red Lacquer Book Cabinet

Age: 120 years
Dimensions: 59H x 27W x 15D

Item: C5-C54
Dish Cabinet

Age: 100 years

Dimensions: 56H x 39W x 23D