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Item: C5-C58
Flower Buffet

Age: 90 years

Dimensions: 46H x 63W x 18D

Item: C5-C102
Stone Top, 7 Cubby Buffet

Age: 160 years

Dimensions: 34H x 56W x 20D

Item: C5-A27
Rare Tibetan low flower buffet with two drawers

Age: 180 years

Dimensions: 31H x 54W x 17D

Item: C5-C96
Tall Ma'ti Feet (Horse Hoof) Buffet

Age: 140 years
Origin: Dong'bei, China

Dimensions: 39H x 53W x 16D

Item: C5-C108
Hand Painted 3 Drawer Buffet

Age:140 years
Wood: Yang’mu
Origin: Qinghai, China

Dimensions: 38H x 45D x 15W

Item: C2-D1
Kang Buffet

Age: 150 years
Origin: Shan'xi, China

Dimensions: 36H x 45W x 22D