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Item: C4-SHS-C185
3 Drawer Ministers Buffet

Age: 150 years
Wood: Elmwood

Dimensions: 35H x 98W x 20D

Item: C4-SHS-C196
Accountants Table

Age: 100 years

Dimensions: 74H x 42W x 18D

Item: C5-C51
Large Red Buffet

Age: 120 years
Origin: Shan'xi, China

Dimensions: 35H x 91W x19D

Item: C2-B97
One Piece Walnut Top

Age: 180 years
Origin: Xi'an, China

Dimensions: 37H x 78W x 17D

Item: C5-C31
Minister's 2 Door Buffet

Age:150 years
Origin: Shann'xi, China

Dimensions: 33H x 77W x 18D

Item: C2-B49
Hand Carved Ministers Buffet

Age:200 years
Origin: Gan'su
Wood: Yu'mu

Dimensions: 57H x 55W x 15D
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