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Item: C5-C119
Opera Drum with Stand

Age: 180 years
Origin: Shanghai, China

Dimensions: 41H x 36 W x 36D

Item: C2-B76
Dedication sign

"Reputation and Moral Character are
Worthy of Praise”

Dimensions: 69W x 36H x 2D

Exceptional hand carvings

Age: 200-300 years
Origin: Fujian, China

Item: C3-A35
Entry Signs

Loosely translates: 
Be careful to keep the highest ethics and principles so that others will know you.
Set a goal and work hard to achieve it.
Leave a good name behind so that people far and wide will know and remember you.

Dimensions: 9.75W x 83H x 3D C3-A35

Item: C3-D16
Six panel silk and rosewood lantern

Origin: Northern China
Age: 250+ years

43"H x 34" Diameter

Item: C5-C7
Six Panel Tibetan Painted Screen

Age: 150 years
Wood: Song'mu
Origin: Tibet, China

Dimensions: 71H x 13W x 3D

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